How Do I Choose the Right Parenting Coordinator for My Family?

Choosing the right parenting coordinator to address issues related to your children is an important process. makes it easy to search for a PC based upon a number of criteria.

1. Attorney PCs

Many PCs serving central Indiana are licensed family law attorneys. These PCs generally have experience with the relevant legal concepts which impact a family after a divorce or paternity order has been issued by a court. An attorney PC has the advantage of understanding the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, child support guidelines and other relevant legal concepts. A PC who is also a family law attorney will have experience reading and interpreting court orders and settlement agreements and can easily weigh in on what orders mean. An attorney PC does not serve as the legal advisor to any member of the family and cannot give legal advice. Attorney PCs tend to be skilled at breaking ties between parents and making clear recommendations for the parenting team.

2. Mental Health Practitioner PCs

Mental health practitioners serving in the PC role can be useful for addressing parental communication issues. Depending on the specific credentials that a mental health practitioner holds, he or she likely has experience with family communication and dynamics and is equipped to assist parents with long term improvement in communication. In addition, a mental health practitioner PC will be helpful for assisting families with parenting issues that spring from mental health or substance abuse issues that affect parenting. A mental health practitioner PC is not serving in the therapist role for any member of the family, but can help family members see the big picture and can recommend individual of family counseling.

3. Mediator PCs

Indiana mediators are generally either attorneys or mental health practitioners. Choosing a mediator PC means that your PC has acquired some additional skills and training. A mediator in Indiana who has completed mediation training has received 40 hours of training in conflict resolution skills. The attorneys and mental health practitioners with this additional training are generally skilled at negotiating past seemingly unsolvable disputes.

4. PCs who have completed a Parenting Coordination training

Currently Indiana does not have any training requirements for individuals who are providing parenting coordination services. Training does exist however, and there are numerous PCs serving central Indiana who have completed an additional 20-24 hours of training specific to the PC role. This training is in addition to training received as an attorney, mental health practitioner or mediator and focuses on the specific role of the PC. allows you to search for a PC who has completed training if this qualification is important to you.

5. PCs with a specific schedule

Most PCs work during regular business hours. If that schedule is wholly unworkable for your family, you can search for a PC who offers after hours or weekend availability to families.

6. PCs who will travel

Sometimes the right PC for your family may not come from the county or community where you live. If you are not finding the right person close to home, broaden your search to nearby counties and search for a PC who is willing to travel. While much of the work of a PC is done by email and telephone, sometimes in person meetings are necessary. A PC willing to travel can come to your attorney’s office or other agreed location to assist your family.