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In Indiana, a full listing of attorneys – and their status with the Indiana Bar – is available at the Indiana Supreme Court’s website.  A list of registered mediators can be found at the Indiana Mediatior Registry.  However, no such website currently exists to provide a complete list of all professionals who are currently serving as a Parenting Coordinator (“PC”).  Finding a qualified mental health professional or attorney who has been trained to provide PC services to Indiana families can be extremely difficult as a result.  Indy PC has been created to provide a registry for qualified PCs for Indiana Courts, attorneys and parties to access in family law cases.  Going beyond mere names and addresses, Indy PC offers other important factors that families frequently consider, such as areas served and hourly rate.  Rather than newly trained PC professionals having to notify Courts and professionals in the area where they practice that they are now providing PC services, Indy PC can get out the word immediately, all over Indiana.

In addition, PC professionals can gain valuable “best practices” and forms to assist them in their PC practices at Indy PC.  Indy PC offers not only information for other attorneys and Courts, but also a “Members Only” section for PC registry members.  In addition to the advertising for PC professionals, PCs can find value-added information to help expand their PC practices.